Peace of mind with BT Redcare and ROC Fire & Security

What is Bt Redcare?

BT Redcare isn’t an alarm system it’s an industry standard communication network that allows your alarm system to constantly send a signal back to the alarm monitoring center.

There are various systems available utilising the Redcare network – from simple “ping” systems that use your existing phone line to send an “ok” signal to the monitoring center to more complex GSM systems that also utilise the mobile phone network should your phone line be cut.

Insurance Approved

Most commercial insurance companies require an approved monitored alarm system, even if it’s not a requirement – having an approved monitored alarm system could save you a lot of money on your insurance premiums.

A professionally installed alarm system with BT Redcare monitoring and servicing ticks all the boxes for insurance companies – so cut your insurance costs today by contacting ROC Fire & Security about a BT Redcare monitored alarm.