High Quality – Full Colour CCTV Systems for your business

Quality CCTV Systems in Greater Manchester and beyond!

Closed circuit TV (CCTV) is one of the best anti-theft deterents for any business. Not only does it deter thieves it also helps to protect your premises and your staff.

ROC Fire and Security are a leading installer of commercial CCTV Systems and security recording equipment in Manchester and throughout the North West. Our friendly engineers can survey your business premises / offices and provide you with a system that will cover all your crucial assets.

The video footage from your full colour CCTV camera is recorded on secure digital recording equipment, allowing crystal clear playback from any camera at any time frame.

We are partnered with COP Security and Dahua for our  CCTV systems. As the UK’s leading CCTV system distributor, COP Security is an experienced provider of high-quality CCTV products across the UK, with over 20 years’ experience and Dahua are specialists in IP Solutions for CCTV Recording Systems.


Remote CCTV Viewing Systems Available

Not only is the video recorded for later viewing but ROC Fire and Security can also install remote viewing CCTV systems throughout Greater Manchester and beyond. These CCTV systems allow you to securely view the live video from any internet enabled device such as a PC, Laptop, Internet Tablet (e.g. iPad) or smartphone.


Monitored CCTV Solutions

We can also offer a fully monitored system, manned 24 hours a day – fully trained monitoring personel can alert you to any problems at your premises out of hours and also alert the police and / or 3rd party security company. Please see our Remote CCTV monitoring service for more information.