school-perimeter-fenceSchools are a well know target for thieves, they are left unattended at night and are often situated where intruders cannot easily be spotted. They also contain valuable equipment such as TV’s, Computers, Projectors and Sports Equipment – all of which can easily be sold on.

Making a school secure is not an easy task but we hope that by following our school security guide you can help protect your school and it’s valuable contents from theft.
Our top tips for securing your school – the obvious stuff.

Make it a routine to check all perimeter fences and gates for damage, many schools have sports facilities that prove popular with local children – football pitches are a good example. Once you have damage to your school’s perimeter fencing local children will soon find the way in and the word will spread, it will soon become local knowledge and where there is a way in – there is an opportunity for theives.
The nightly “lock up” – Make a member of staff responsible for checking that all external gates, windows and internal lockable doors are closed, locked and secure. Making sure that internal doors are locked (such as store rooms and equipment lockers) ensures that should a break in occur – the thieves will not be able get to valuable equipment easily.
Keep all valuable equipment out of site – having a secure storeroom is great but not that helpful if equipment is left in a classroom in plain site, once a thief enters a school grounds they will check not only the doors for a chance to gain entry into the building but also the windows to see if there is anything worth stealing.

Technology to secure your school.

Fit an alarm – all schools should have a security alarm system of some kind, but is your current alarm still up to the job? Schools are constantly undergoing change – from large extensions and new classrooms to electrical and heating upgrades etc… This means that the current alarm system may have been damaged or does not cover all the school buildings anymore? Internal alarm sensors may have been blocked or maybe you have had to remove a ‘zone’ from your system due to false alarms or damage? If your alarm is not under a maintence contract or your school has had building / electrical work done since that alarm was last checked then you need to get your alarm system checked out by professionals.
Alarm monitoring – this is often overlooked but if your schools alarm system should be activated in the middle of the night you are relying on passers-by or neighbours to alert you or the police – otherwise you could arrive at your school in the morning to find the alarm still sounding and your equipment gone! Let’s look at the 3 most commen types of alarm monitoring:

Speech Dialler / Digital Communicator systems

These are not strictly a “monitored” solution, they are programmed to dial a phone number upon alarm activation and play a pre recorded message. The problem with these type of systems is that should the phone line be cut (yes this happens in real life and not just the movies) the alarm is just a plain old “bells only” alarm and nobody will be informed if the alarm is activated. These kind of systems are classed as “Type B” and the police will not attend your school on the evidence of this kind of alarm activation alone.
Monitored alams

Such as BT RedCare work both ways, the alarm can inform the monitoring center should the alarm be activated via the phone line but the monitoring center can also send a signal to the alarm via the same phone line to make sure that the alarm is still responding and the phone line hasn’t been cut – BT RedCare can know within 3 minutes if a phone line has been tampered with.
GSM Monitored Alams

These use both the traditional phone lines and the mobile / cellular GSM networks (the same network as your mobile phone) – should the phone line to the alarm be cut the monitoring center will know almost instantly that there is something wrong and the alarm can continue to send information to the center via the mobile network.

*Both the Monitored and GSM Monitored alarms are classed as “Type A” alarm systems and the police will respond once informed by the monitoring center of a possible break-in.

Talk to the experts…

ROC Fire & Security have contracts to provide monitored alarm systems and other security measures (such as door access controls and CCTV) to many northwest schools – our engineers have years of experience when it comes to designing, installing and maintaining alarms to school premises – just give us a call on 0161 652 7502 to talk to an expert about either a new security system for your school, fire alarms, fire extinguishers or to get your current system checked.