Business Security Alarms, Monitored Alarms, Fire Alarms & CCTV in Tameside


ROC Fire and Security cover the whole of the Tameside area from our base in Oldham. We can design, install and maintain all types of alarm systems, business security systems, monitored alarms and CCTV systems throughout the region.


Commercial Monitored Alarms & Surveillance Cameras in Tameside

Our commercial monitored alarms and surveillance (CCTV) cameras come with professional remote monitoring and active response.  This is a crucial feature should your alarm system get triggered whilst you are busy or during unsociable hours. In the event of an alarm activation, the monitoring center can inform not only the registered keyholder(s) but also the Greater Manchester Police so that they can respond as soon as the alarm is triggered.

ROC Fire and Security can also take over the servicing and monitoring of your existing alarm system, as long as the system is in good working order then we can save you money not only on your maintenance contract but also your monitoring contract. Contact ROC today before you commit to another year of monitoring from your existing provider, we can save you money on your alarm monitoring contract.


CCTV Monitoring Systems in Tameside

Full colour CCTV systems are essential in today’s society to protect not only your premises and your equipment from theft but to also to protect your staff. We can design, install and maintain many different high tech CCTV systems  featuring high resolution, full colour cameras with digital recording. We can also offer remote viewing – this system will allow you to securely access your live CCTV video from many internet enabled devices such as PC’s, iPads and smartphones. So even when you are away from your business or out of the Tameside area, you can still keep a watchful eye on things.


Business Security Alarms in Tameside

At ROC we are proud to offer an unrivalled service for security alarms, surveillance systems, cctv systems installation and maintenance contracts of all security services. We can offer these services to any business, irrespective of size or industry sector.